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Sometimes I present at conferences, such as:

ARSC 2019 - Pre-conference workshop on Digital Audio Workstation Basics

Music Expo 2018 - Audio Restoration in Mixing and Mastering

AES New York 2018 (145th International Pro Audio Convention) - Chair of the Restoration & Archiving Track and moderator of panel on Preserving the Recorded Legacies of Major Artists, featuring Susan Rogers, Niko Bolas, Steve Rosenthal, and Brad Mindich

Women's Audio Mission 2018 - Intro to Mastering

AES Conference on Audio Archiving, Preservation & Restoration 2018 - Best Practices in Worst Case Scenarios, with Jane Pipik, Kabir Hermon, and Andrew Dapuzzo and From Archiving to Access with Steve Rosenthal (MARS), Caitlin Hunter (LOC) and Meagan Hennessey (Archeophone)

Music Expo 2017 - Beginner's Backup and Archiving talk, with Working Class Audio's Matt Boudreau

Women's Audio Mission 2017 - Beginner's Archiving for Musicians (zine collaboration by Kelley Vaughn-Kauffman)

ARSC 2017 - The Great 78 Project, with Brewster Kahle (Internet Archive), B. George (ARChive of Contemporary Music), and George Blood

Music Expo SF 2016 - Workshop on how to Never Lose Your Work Again (spoiler: back it up)

AES LA 2016 - Panel on collaboration among archives and record labels with Jamie Howarth (Plangent Processes), Michael Graves (Osiris Studio), Cheryl Pawelski (Omnivore Records) and Steve Rosenthal (Magic Shop Studios)

SXSW 2016 - Preservation Tips for DIY Labels and Indie Musicians, with Norie Guthrie, Scott Carlson (Rice University) and Sean Borhman (Burger Records)

ARSC 2015 - Pre-conference workshop on Planning and Executing Your Grant-Funded Project

EMP Pop Con 2015 - Technological and Aesthetic (In)Correctness in Ata Kak's Obaa Sima

Skidmore College 2015 - lecture and performance on Reviving, Restoring and Reimagining the Music Archive, with Jocelyn Arem and Steve Rosenthal

The New School Minute 2015 - 60 second lecture* on Technological and Aesthetic (In)Correctness in Recorded Music (*bummer, they edited out a word and messed up the context)

ARSC 2014 - The Caffè Lena History Project, with Jocelyn Arem

EMP Pop Con 2014 - The Geography of Music Archiving round table discussion with Holly George-Warren, Kevin Strait, Timothy Anne Burnside and Charles Cross