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Sometimes I present at conferences, such as:

Music Expo 2017 - Beginner's Backup and Archiving talk, with Working Class Audio's Matt Boudreau

Women's Audio Mission 2017 - Beginner's Archiving for Musicians (zine collaboration by Kelley Vaughn-Kauffman)

ARSC 2017 - The Great 78 Project, with Brewster Kahle (Internet Archive), B. George (ARChive of Contemporary Music), and George Blood

Music Expo SF 2016 - Workshop on how to Never Lose Your Work Again (spoiler: back it up)

AES LA 2016 - Panel on collaboration among archives and record labels with Jamie Howarth (Plangent Processes), Michael Graves (Osiris Studio), Cheryl Pawelski (Omnivore Records) and Steve Rosenthal (Magic Shop Studios)

SXSW 2016 - Preservation Tips for DIY Labels and Indie Musicians, with Norie Guthrie, Scott Carlson (Rice University) and Sean Borhman (Burger Records)

ARSC 2015 - Pre-conference workshop on Planning and Executing Your Grant-Funded Project

EMP Pop Con 2015 - Technological and Aesthetic (In)Correctness in Ata Kak's Obaa Sima

Skidmore College 2015 - lecture and performance on Reviving, Restoring and Reimagining the Music Archive, with Jocelyn Arem and Steve Rosenthal

The New School Minute 2015 - 60 second lecture* on Technological and Aesthetic (In)Correctness in Recorded Music (*bummer, they edited out a word and messed up the context)

ARSC 2014 - The Caffè Lena History Project, with Jocelyn Arem

EMP Pop Con 2014 - The Geography of Music Archiving round table discussion with Holly George-Warren, Kevin Strait, Timothy Anne Burnside and Charles Cross