I master records out of Oakland, California. The mastering room is stocked with analog gear by Manley, SPL, Maselec, Neve, and GML. I listen on PMC BB5XBD Speakers with custom Bryston Amplification and RADAR A/D/A conversion. It's sweet!


Analog tape, dusty cassettes, old vinyl, DATs, even MiniDiscs - none of these formats scare me anymore. I am set up to clean, digitize and restore all of these formats and more. I have the tools and, more importantly, the skills and aesthetic sensibility to remove clicks and pops, stabilize wow and flutter, clean up dropouts and other sonic anomalies.

I transfer analog tapes on an ATR-102 tape machine, refurbished by ATR Magnetic's Mike Spitz, with conversion by Metric Halo. I have a souped-up KAB-modified Technics 1200 turntable with upgraded tonearm wiring, external power supply and an array of styli. And, oh yes, I can work at 78rpm. For cassettes, I use a Nakamichi cassette deck rebuilt and calibrated by Willy Hermann. For audio restoration, I primarily use iZotope and CEDAR (with as light a touch as necessary - that's my working philosophy). If your analog tapes have speed anomalies and you have the budget, I highly recommend working with Jamie Howarth / Plangent Process.


If you have archival or historic recordings, I can help you make sense of what you have.

Whether it's one tape or hundreds of recordings on various formats, I can digitize the audio, preserve the physical media, and prepare it for potential commercial release and/or acquisition by an archive or repository. I do site visits! I will come to you and help with cataloging, assessing the condition of your audio assets, developing a preservation plan, digitizing and connecting you with other professionals who can help turn your collection into a fully preserved archive. For examples and inspiration, check out a few of the archives I've worked on: the Erroll Garner Jazz Project, the Caffè Lena History Project, the Bottom Line Archive.

Drop me a line about your project!