I master records out of Coast Mastering in Berkeley, California. My mastering room was tuned by Bob Hodas and is stocked with analog gear by Manley, SPL, Maselec, Knif and GML. I listen on Focal Scala Utopia speakers powered by Bricasti amplifiers with Metric Halo and Bricasti conversion. It's sweet! Come on by and let's listen to records.


Analog tape, dusty cassettes, old vinyl, DATs, even MiniDiscs - none of these formats scare me anymore. I am set up to clean, digitize and restore all of these formats and more. I have the tools and, more importantly, the skills and aesthetic sensibility to remove clicks and pops, stabilize wow and flutter, clean up dropouts and other sonic anomalies. I transfer analog tapes on an ATR-104 tape machine with conversion by Metric Halo. I have a souped-up KAB-modified Technics 1200 turntable with upgraded tonearm wiring, external power supply and an array of styli. And, oh yes, I can work at 78rpm. For cassettes, I use a Nakamichi cassette deck rebuilt and calibrated by Willy Hermann. For audio restoration, I primarily use iZotope and CEDAR (with as light a touch as necessary - that's my working philosophy). If your analog tapes have speed anomalies and you have the budget, I highly recommend working with Jamie Howarth / Plangent Process.


If you possess archival or historic recordings, I can help you make sense of what you have. Whether it's one tape or hundreds of recordings on various formats, I can digitize the audio, preserve the physical media, and prepare it for potential commercial release and/or acquisition by an archive or repository. I do site visits! I will come to you and help with cataloging, assessing the condition of your audio assets, developing a preservation plan, digitizing and connecting you with other professionals who can help turn your collection into a fully preserved archive. For examples and inspiration, check out a few of the archives I've worked on: the Erroll Garner Jazz Project, the Caffè Lena History Project, the Bottom Line Archive.

Drop me a line about your project!