Back from the 58th GRAMMYs

58th GRAMMYs - Jocelyn Arem, Geri Allen, Steve Rosenthal, Jamie Howarth (not in this picture) and I walked the red carpet and celebrated with our fellow nominees at the 58th GRAMMYs this weekend. We lost the statue to Bob Dylan but had a wonderful time with friends and colleagues from the Magic Shop, Sony / Legacy, Octave Music, Coast Mastering, the GRAMMY Foundation and lots more. It truly is an honor to be in the company of other great mastering and restoration engineers and reissue producers. Only regret: I didn't get a chance to tell Taylor Swift that my kids think her collaboration with Kendrick Lamar is called "Bad Butt." I'm happily back in the studios at Coast with a stack of analog tapes to catalog, preserve and digitize and a 30-something-year-old cassette recording to resuscitate and reinvigorate. Back to work!