Happy 2014

Winter 2014 - Happy New Year! I should be at the studio, but I'm snowed in today. All the better to reflect on 2013. I'm super proud that the Hailu Mergia album I remastered from cassette for Awesome Tapes From Africa has been showing up on "Best Reissues of 2013" lists, including Other Music and FACT Mag. And Rolling Stone's David Frick chose Live at Caffè Lena as one of 2013's Best Reissues Under the Radar. Upcoming releases to look forward to: the supremely talented singer and musician Nosfell will soon release Amour Massif, beautiful from start to finish. Also watch and listen for Napat Snidvong's newest record, which I mastered just before the New Year. Not yet slated for release but so much fun I have to mention it - I transferred a stack of prewar Japanese 78s for a secret project. I can say no more about it except that the music was wild.

Congratulations to my boss and Magic Shop studio owner Steve Rosenthal on his Grammy nomination for his work on The Rolling Stones' Charlie is My Darling.

Finally, if Inside Llewyn Davis spurred your interest in the man who inspired the film, Dave Van Ronk, then check out this stunner of a live performance from 1974 at Caffè Lena, which I restored and mastered, streaming at the LA Times. Dave absolutely kills it.