A Four Year Old, On The Eagles

I was driving my kids home from an activity, scanning radio stations for a tolerable song. That's the bar I set for NYC Metro radio: tolerable. I don't actually expect to hear a song I like unless I can get good reception on WFMU or WFUV. It was nearly dinner time, and my kids were whining, so when I hit a red light and landed on The Eagles'Take It To The Limit, I turned up the volume, tuned out my kids, and started singing along loudly. And I realized... this song is simultaneously amazing and utterly vapid. It encapsulates the best and worst of pop in 3:48 of vocal harmonies and slick 70s production. I love/hate it, and now I can't stop listening to it. (If a client brought this song to me for mastering today, I'd tell them it was a knockout hit. Which makes me wonder... did Department of Eagles ever cover it?)

My four year old son is a literal minded boy. He likes math, circuits, logic, and he seemed to like The Eagles, but he was confused by the lyrics.

"Mom, what are they taking to the limit? What is the limit? Is it infinity? Is it one hundred percent? Is it the end of the earth? Is there a fence there?"