Have I Really Not Had Time?

I bought a new CD three weeks ago.  Grizzly Bear's Veckatimest. And I have not listened to it yet.  Oh, I have tried.  I unwrapped it the day after I bought it but had to run out of the house before I could listen.  I put it on my iPod (which I hate to do, believing that a CD deserves a full fidelity first listening) to enjoy while waiting in the florescent lit prospective jurors room during my first time ever serving jury duty this week.  But we prospective jurors were all dismissed, so I never had the chance. Have I not had one hour to devote to listening to a CD in the past three weeks?

Well, I guess not.  Between working and apartment hunting and a few hours of sleep now and then, I've been booked solid.  The only music I have listened to has been for work.  (Hours and hours of old timey blues and folk, peppered with early-70s Nigerian disco funk and French experimental -- all heavenly!)

If I don't listen to it this weekend, I will suck it up and listen during a subway commute.  But don't you think a new CD deserves better?