iTunes Shuffle 2 - Devendra Banhart

There are only 8670 items in iTunes today - did I delete some? Shuffle brings me:

The Charles C. Leary from Oh Me Oh My... by Devendra Banhart

I dragged myself through pouring rain to see Devendra at some crummy Lower East Side club shortly after this album came out. For whatever reason, I never actually saw him perform. Then he came out with another album and another and earned accolades and people started calling him king of the freak folk scene and he was dating half of CocoRosie and hanging out with Lindsay Lohan. And though I continued to buy his albums, I kind of turned my back on him.

Two weeks ago, I saw him perform at Carnegie Hall as part of the David Byrne curated series. He was magnetic. I saw how he could pull music-making people to him. I wanted to kick off my shoes and join the melodic cacophony on tambourine.

Though the tape hiss and weirdly doubled, slightly detuned vocals place this song in exactly the space it deserves, I am glad Devendra has a recording budget now. I will drag myself out in rain or snow to see him perform again.