Meg Baird on a very rainy night

I have terrible radar when it comes to which shows will sell out. I'm always purchasing advance tickets (and paying exorbitant 'convenience fees') for shows that turn out to be half empty (sorry, LaLa Brooks), and sauntering up to a club at 10pm, incredulous when the show's sold out (sorry I missed ya, Dungen). Last weekend, I insisted we show up ridiculously early to see Meg Baird at The Stone. It's a small venue, and the last two shows I saw there (Laurie Anderson and Martha Wainwright) prompted lines around the block an hour before the doors opened.

It was a dark and stormy night. I guess that kept a lot of people home, because there was no line, but it was their loss. Meg Baird was soft, subtle and inspiring. I don't want to write about it; I just want to close my eyes and remember her playing and singing in that chilly room while the rain poured down outside.