Midnight Confessions

I tend to misinterpret lyrics. I'm a glass-half-full kind of girl, so it's easy for me to ignore lyrical nuance and assume everything's about love and happiness.

For example, in the song Midnight Confessions, by the Grass Roots, I tend to skip over this bit:

There's another before me / I'm wasting my time / You'll never be mine...

In favor of:

When I tell all the world that I love you!

Apparently, I'm a minor offender. Take the wedding DJ. I've provided music for a few wedding myself, and I've fought with, ignored, scoffed at and cheered many wedding DJs, all of whom will whip out songs with decidedly unromantic lyrics just to fill the dance floor.

I once got a request for Marvin Gaye's I Heard It Through The Grapevine (not much longer would you be mine). Just this weekend, I danced to Human League's Don't You Want Me (...but now I think it's time I lived my life on my own....)

On the other hand, I raised an eyebrow at a request for The Book Of Love (is long and boring...) by the Magnetic Fields, and, upon closer reading of the lyrics, (I love it when you read to me... you can read me anything...) it is kind of romantic.

Maybe this is a lesson in preserving marital bliss. Don't look too closely at the lyrics. Sometimes, the beat that drives you to the dance floor is all you need.