Sleepless Nights

I've been cheating on Court Street Grocers with Treats Truck Stop. Turns out they have a play area for kids and a plexiglass window for watching the bakers, so on days too cold for playing outside, I've been taking my daughter there and letting her run around while I drink coffee and resist buying lemon bars and frosting cookies. Court Street Grocers has better food and better music, but Treats Truck Stop is not too shabby when it comes to treats and tunes. The other day, I was sitting there enjoying a muffin, and a song came on over their system... so familiar... but I couldn't place it. The chord changes were unmistakable though. I knew it had to be the work of Felice and Boudleaux Bryant. I took a workshop on singing the harmonies of the Everly Brothers at Jalopy, and that F# to C# back to F# to B, then, wham! to the A#7 and D#m. It kills me! But this recording was contemporary, a female duo; it wasn't the Everlys performing.

I didn't have Shazaam, but I did have Google:


Sleepless Nights by The Chapin Sisters.

Also recorded by the Everly Brothers on their 1960 album It's Everly Time!

And covered by Beck and Norah Jones (who, with Billie Joe Armstrong, recorded a whole album of Everly Brother's songs right upstairs from my room at the Magic Shop), Eddie Vedder, Emmylou Harris and Gram Parsons...

How had I never heard this song? I literally have pictures of Don and Phil on my studio wall. I took a whole class on how to sing like them. I own their records. I build Spotify playlists around them. I sing their songs to my kids. But I had never heard this song, and it knocked me out.

So good to be knocked out by a brand new 50 year old song.