Summer Slips Away, Quietly

Between working long and late hours, apartment hunting, and now packing and preparing to move, I haven't really listened to much music for pleasure this summer, and I haven't really thought about it.  I listen to music all day for work, so often I crave quiet after ten hours of mastering old blues and folk recordings. I quit listening to music for most of June, reading during my subway commute and listening to podcasts of This American Life and Radio Lab at the gym.  I left stores if I hated the music, which happened frequently. That new Grizzly Bear CD still sat dusty and unplayed on top of my stereo.

Then, last week, I finished a book and suffered through three consecutive late night subway commutes in which passengers talked so loudly I wished for my earplugs.  So I charged up my iPod, still broken - in fact, even more broken, now that my lock/unlock button only functions sometimes - and hit shuffle.  Sometimes, that's all it takes.

Wow, music is awesome! It makes me feel so good! All these wonderful songs in random order syncing with my footsteps as I walk to the subway, blocking out the noise as I wait for the train.  My favorites from this week:

While You Wait For The Others - Grizzly Bear

Blagged - Peter Sarstedt

S.O.S. - Abba

I Am A Rock - Davy Graham