The Birth Of A Prince

Twice recently, while walking around my neighborhood, I've heard cars bumping cuts from RZA's 2003 release The Birth Of A Prince.

A week or two ago, I overheard the opening track, Bob N' I, which samples Feelin' Good, a song which soars such that it's impossible not to feel good. (It occurs to me that I don't know whose version RZA samples, and a quick and dirty internet search proves I'm not alone).

This morning, a car drove by playing something else from that album. I couldn't immediately name the song - they were driving too fast - but it was unmistakably RZA.

All of which reminds me of the time I asked RZA how to spell his name. (He can be a bit of a mumbler over the telephone).

Incidentally, here's an article from Wired breaking down his kung fu samples by film and song.