Three Observations About Radio

1) The edits in the radio version of Christina Aguilera's Beautiful are astonishingly clumsy. Why, program directors and record label execs? The album version is only 3:58.

2) Turns out, I am embarassed by my deep-seated love of the band Chicago. Peter, Bjorn and John comes on the radio, and I'll slowly cruise down crowded streets with the windows down, whistling along. But scan to "Hard Habit To Break," (a Billboard #3 hit in 1984!) and, oh yes, I will turn it up and listen, but I'll roll up the windows and do it incognito. Check out Peter Cetera double exposed, elementary school picture-style, in the video.

3) Speaking of hearing Peter, Bjorn and John on the radio, what I love about this song is how it sounds like a mix with half the tracks muted. We will hear many more versions of "Young Folks."