Three Songs

These three songs shuffled on my broken iPod this week and caught me: [youtube=]

Pluto Drive by The Creatures -- I was flirting with goth when this album was released in 1989, but my Boticelli hair and Pollyanna demeanor held me to the light side, and I started wearing plaid shirts and corduroy pants instead.  Still, I love how the looping bass drives this song without interference from flashy guitars or opulent synth solos. The druggy, stripped down aural atmosphere is spot on, and Siouxsie Sioux's vocals are utterly cool. In case you're feeling nostalgic, it is available (used) on cassette at Amazon.

Musty Dusty by Sagittarius -- so tender, so dark, I'd slip it on a mix CD for a friend's new baby nestled between other lullabies about puppies, the alphabet, broken boughs, ennui, death, despair.

Without Darkness (There's No Light) by Peter Sarstedt -- (I could only track down a clip).  This shuffled on my iPod while I was walking to work, a little dazed from lack of sleep and overload of emotion, the morning after Barack Obama was elected the next President of the United States of America. My heart swelled with the knowledge that, after eight very dark years, this country has an Obama Presidency to look forward to.  How strange to feel proud of one's country again.