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Sometimes I write for Tape Op Magazine and Pink Noise. Here is some of my writing and press about my work:

Wrote about 78rpm records for the Internet Archive's Great 78 Project (2017)

Spoke with Gino Robair about restoration plug-ins for Electronic Musician (2017)

Featured in Women In Sound print zine, Issue 3 (2016)

Thoughts on SPL Iron Mastering Compressor for Tape Op (2016)

Feature in Womyn In Music (2016)

Working Class Audio podcast, hosted by Matt Boudreau (2016)

On “Sonic Archaeology” for GRAMMY Pro (2016)

Video on Cleaning up The Complete Concert By the Sea tape (2015)

“Ask the Experts” interview with Indie Preserves (2015)

Pure2 Master AD/DA Converter & Clock Review for Tape Op (2015)

The Art And Aesthetics of Audio Restoration for Pink Noise (2104)

Remixing Mickey Newbury’s Looks Like Rain for Tape Op (2011)

The B2 Bomber ADC & DAC Review for Tape Op (2010)

Isochrone OCX and 10M Clock Generators Review for Tape Op (2008)